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Accueil >> Lightning Sensor v4 (English) >> Lightning Sensor v4 Fuji E3 (Jack 2.5mm)

Get beautiful lightning pictures with our high quality lightning trigger!

Lightning Sensor v4 + Cable Fuji E3 (Jack 2.5mm)

Suite à une très forte demande, le Lightning Sensor V4 (et V4B) est désormais fourni en version bip auto-débrayable

(le bip à chaque déclenchement est automatiquement supprimé lorsque PF est activé)

Si vous souhaitez cependant acquérir la version classique (avec bip à chaque déclenchement, non débrayable),

le préciser lors de votre commande (via le champs Ajouter des instructions au vendeur, ou par email)

Trigger with release port on the left side + release cable Fuji Jack 2.5mm + Duracel battery

Lightning Sensor v4 - Fuji E3 Left side

Trigger with release port on the right side + release cable Fuji Jack 2.5mm + Duracel battery

Lightning Sensor v4 - Fuji E3 Right side

This new feature gives you a second plug (High Quality waterproof Japenese connections) to connect a wired shutter release (provided), allowing you to take your own manual shots, while leaving the Lightning Sensor v4 active, ready to trigger your camera if lightning strikes. You can also connect your own intervalometer to this second plug (Jack 2.5mm)

V4B Optional Feature

Additional or replacement cable

Release cable Fuji E3 (Jack 2.5mm)

Compatible with :

NOTE : On Fuji cameras, the remote release port can be located on the left-hand side OR on the right-hand side of the camera, according to the model.

To prevent the release cable from disturbing you during the viewfinder and so you can get a perfectly designed Lightning Sensor v4, please opt for a Fuji Left side or a Fuji Right side according to your camera layout.

Fuji with left-hand side release port :





X-Pro 2

X-Pro 3

Fuji with right-hand side release port :


Also compatible with :

Olympus EM1-X

Olypmus EM1-MkII

Olympus EM1-MkIII